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The petrochemical market in Europe is in turmoil and the global environment unstable

The context

The petrochemical market in Europe is in turmoil and the unstable global environment greatly influences the barrel prices of oil and, thereby, the economic health of this industry.

The Refining & Chemicals Branch is therefore undergoing a reshuffle at the European level, which involves structuring decisions being made on the French sites.

The request

This time results in a huge number of questions about the sites, a complicated social dialogue.

In this context, the manager plays a central role in maintaining the dialogue, offering clarity and reassurance on a daily basis.

It is therefore necessary to design a training programme that will help the manager to fulfil this mission.

Our convictions

In times of transformation, social dialogue often becomes more intense and complex. Much (if not all) of the information comes through the staff representative bodies.

The manager is deprived of a central part of their role: ensuring that the information comes through/is distributed.
Yet, the manager, whatever their level, must fully play their part in the social dialogue; they must be the first facilitator.

Our solution

The design of a training programme called ‘Dialogue and Proximity’ tailored to the context of each site, with the aim of repositioning the manager at the centre of the social dialogue process:


  • Being attentive to their field teams and to weak signals
  • Anticipating conflict situations
  • Finding the right position for receiving information

Offering clarity and conveying messages on a local level

Outcomes achieved

  • More than 400 managers trained
  • A 90% satisfaction rate
  • More than 50 managerial actions decided upon and implementedvre