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Develop innovative training

The context

The Safran Group faces increasingly strong competition with ‘low cost’ innovations that are challenging the entire high-technology market.

The Group needs to rise up to new challenges and change its way of thinking.

The request

We have been mandated by Safran University to develop innovative training that enables project managers, managers and HR managers to understand the challenges of transformation so that they may guide teams in this transition.

Our convictions

The training must integrate innovative, immersive pedagogical methods in order to facilitate awareness and trigger the transition to action. The digital approach, when used as a booster for face-to-face training, is a method that addresses these issues.

Our solution

The Maker is an innovative, digital, face-to-face form of training, making it possible to discover the issues of Change Management.


The Change Maker :


  • Immersion in a virtual society Central case study about a fictitious company (3D universe) undergoing some transformations
  • A playful exercise with the benefits of learning
  • Interactive exercises in groups and individually on tablets
  • Dynamism and pragmatism
  • Discovery of concrete problems and pragmatic tools

Unique training that transforms your employees into Change Managers!