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French telecommunications operator

The request

Clarify and optimise work methods and relations between 3 management teams so as to produce faster, cheaper qualitative and strategic projects for the development of the operator.

Our opinion

Being 80% behavioural and 20% technical, cooperation draws more on desire than skill. To optimise work and make stakeholder relations more fluid, it is essential to diagnose the key drivers of cooperative performance (behaviours, values, tools, indicators) and to promote best practice social skills (particularly agility) and know-how.

Our proposal

  • Diagnosis of cooperative performance and analysis of drivers and brakes
  • Implementation of a behavioural training programme and tools for the projects’ stakeholders and sponsors
  • Formalisation of existing and innovative best practices
  • Collection of testimonies on the projects involving the 3 management teams
  • Creation of the Cooperative Performance Stories Guide in the form of ‘technical datasheets’
  • Creation of a regular ‘Cooperative Performance’ event to help the company develop its cooperative maturity

Outcomes achieved

  • Accelerated time-to-market for targeted projects
  • New methods of work and collaboration shared widely for strategic projects
  • Less compartmentalisation (working in silos!) and more agility, fluidity and enthusiasm in the exchanges between management teams