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The request

Organise a Sales Management convention to mark the starting point of a 5-year transformation plan and announce the launch of the annual Sales Action Plan. At the same time, create an internal mini-series, launched on the same day, to motivate the sales force and guide the transformation.

Our opinion

For these launches to succeed, and to put the sales force in working order, we have devised an event that is:


  • Dynamic: abandon the usual format of passive conventions. Play on the transversality and make the employees the key stakeholders of the event; create the commitment
  • Digital : promote interactivity by getting social networks involved throughout the event, supporting the digitalisation of the business
  • Remarkable: a comprehensible, visible and fun concept that gets to the crux of the matter and makes a lasting impression beyond the convention.

Our proposal

Creation of a common theme for the convention, the evening event, the commercial challenge and the mini-series:


  • Creation and production of all of the graphic, video and audio elements and screenwriting of the different sequences
  • Design of productive workshops and novel tools for immediate implementation of information shared in plenary and for specifically laying the foundations for action plans: visioning workshop, action box, performance of sales action plans, etc.
  • Screenwriting and production of an internal mini-series: ‘The Dispatched’
  • Implementation of a collaborative platform during the event for greater interaction
  • Facilitation for the teams: networking lunch, participation of the mini-series actors, questions box, awards ceremony, etc.

Outcomes achieved

  • A radical convention that lays the foundations for a fresh start
  • Strong changes which are understood and accepted by the entire sales force
  • A mini-series overwhelmingly approved by the employees
  • Motivated teams ready to meet the challenges ahead with enthusiasm