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Infusing change, instigating action, creating emotion

Our mission

Change projects are often seen as complex and, at times, cumbersome. We are convinced that it is by instilling a positive and exciting dynamic that transformation projects succeed.

That is the entire issue of change communication. Based on specific methodology and convictions (ACT-E, for Action, Creativity, Transparency and Experiences), we develop communication mechanisms dedicated to the challenges of transformation projects and tailored to the context and culture of our clients.

By drawing on our three kinds of expertise – communication consulting, creation and change design – we are simplifying, giving meaning and visibility to transformation projects so as to bring everyone on board and ensure their long-term appropriation by stakeholders.


Facilitate the establishment of a new complex information system by mobilising teams at all levels

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Organise a Sales Management convention to mark the starting point of a 5-year transformation plan

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Clarify and optimise work methods and relations between 3 management teams so as to produce faster, cheaper qualitative and strategic projects.

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